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Getting Started

  • Critical Activity 1 – Keep Building Your Contact List (EN)

    Take a look at any successful Melaleuca business and you’ll always find one thing: a strong and vibrant contact list. As the lifeblood of your business, your contact list needs to be constantly nourished (by adding at least one new name every day). Learn more in this training.
  • Critical Activity 2 – Set appointments (EN)

    If you find yourself feeling nervous before you approach someone to set an appointment, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This training gives you seven simple steps that help you in creating a great approach.
  • Critical Activity 3 – Give Delivering Wellness Overviews (EN)

    Successful Melaleuca business builders use Delivering Wellness every time they do an overview because it’s simple and can be easily duplicated. Listen in to this training for useful tips for an effective overview.
  • Critical Activity 4 – 48-Hour Strategy Session (EN)

    One of the best activities guaranteed to bring results is holding a Strategy Session within 48 hours. It is proven to create quality enrolments and sustained growth. Learn how to plan an effective Strategy Session to maximise your enroler benefits.
  • Critical Activity 6 – Always be involved with Fast Track (EN)

    A Melaleuca Fast Track is a results-driven programme designed to help your organisation grow. “If you ask our leaders about the ‘secret’ to their success, many will tell you that the answer is Fast Track – not only for themselves but for their entire organisation.” – FRANK L. VANDERSLOOT, MELALEUCA CEO
  • Understanding Your 5x7 Organisation (EN)

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to structuring your business. However, this training gives business builders an idea of what their organisation could look like in order to maximise their benefits.
  • A Different Kind of Company (EN)

    Learn about Melaleuca’s 12 unique success factors.
  • Melaleuca Online Report Explorer Training (EN)

    The MORE tool provides you easy-to-use tools necessary to help you understand and grow your business. Business Development Specialist Skip Aertssen walks you through some of the most important functions.
  • Endless Benefits (EN)

    For only € 25 membership fee you receive endless benefits at Melaleuca. We have summarised the most important benefits for you in this short video.
  • 10 Simple Steps To Developing A Quality Director (EN)

    If you’re planning to build a substantial Melaleuca organisation that will provide a stable residual income, new Directors are the fuel for your business. Learn how to develop long-term, quality Directors in 10 simple steps.
  • Mark Atha – HOW to develop leaders

    We are inviting you to listen to Corporate Director 3 Mark Atha who shares the knowledge and guidelines regarding developing leaders in your organization.
  • Bonnie Wright - 10 concepts of leadership

    An amazing training on the character features every leader should develop. Bonnie Wright – Executive Director 9 teaches us on the way to become a leader.

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